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Fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wakeup refreshed with Doze.

Upgrade your sleep experience with ultra-relaxing sounds and stories that are designed to give you incredible sleep.


• Fall asleep quickly

• Stay asleep throughout the night

• Wakeup refreshed

• Reduce chronic pain

• Re-energize yourself

• Relieve Stress

• Lower Anxiety


• Soothing Psycho-Acoustic Music; designed based on clinically validated principles to ease your body into a deep state of relaxation.

• Sleepy Stories; doze off quickly with ultra-relaxing stories

• Sleep Meditations; embedded with a variety of proven techniques that help you clear your mind

• Sleep Journeys; tranquilly explore new places and experiences using peaceful guided imagery

• Dreamy Myths; fall asleep to ancient myths.

• Nap Meditations; allow yourself to quickly re-energize during the day

• Hypnosis; transform your depth and quality of sleep by re-programming your subconscious mind

• A variety of incredible narrators to choose from

• Sleep Timer; set Doze to automatically stop after a period of time.

• Volume Mixer; control the voice and music volumes separately to get your perfect balance between the two.

• Offline Compatible; download your favorite content to listen later in airplane mode.

• Narration Looping

• 3D Voice; immerse yourself with a uniquely hypnotic narration experience

• Random Modes; don't like choosing? Automatically chose a random from your favorites or a particular content category.

• Privacy Focused; no ads, no marketing emails, no logins or passwords, no accounts, no crazy permissions. In the age of information intrusion, Doze is specifically designed to leave you alone.

Who We Are

For more than three years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of functional music with Pzizz, our app that helps people beat their insomnia and get great sleep.

We write pretty extensively about the Science behind Pzizz, and spend an enormous amount of time turning research into reality.

Our formula has proven pretty successful for Pzizz, and influences a new streamlined sleep experience that we've built with Doze.


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